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Step 1 - Tell Us About Your Dream African Safari

Give us the details of your planned trip so that we can effectively match you with the top field guides and safari companies in Africa.

The more information you can share with us the better the recommendation will be.

Covers safari companies, operators and guides based in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

All national parks and game reserves in these countries included such as the Masai Mara, Serengeti, Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands, Okavango, Chobe, Etosha and Queen Elizabeth amongst others.

Please note, Top Safari Guides doesn't charge anything for this independent recommendation service, it's free with no obligation to book.

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Step 2 - We Then Pinpoint And Recommend The Best Company And Guide For Your Safari

Based on your unique requirements, we e-mail you a recommendation of the safari company and field guide/s who will be perfect for your trip, chosen from a list carefully curated and vetted by us.
  • We introduce the recommended safari company to you with a link to their website and to independent reviews about them on the web.
  • We introduce the guides of the recommended safari company to you with a link to their bio profiles so that you can learn more about their safari experience and qualifications*.
  • You can then request a safari travel proposal directly from the recommended safari company (your choice, no obligation), and once you are happy with it book your safari with them.
  • Before your safari begins, and once all the guides schedules become clear, the company you booked with will send you the name and a link to the bio profile of the particular guide who will be responsible for your safari*.
  • * These guides are in high demand so their schedules are sometimes not clear very far in advance. So that's why we e-introduce you to all the top safari guides at the recommended company and as soon as the guiding schedules are set they will let you know the particular one that will guide your safari.
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Step 3 - Three Free Pre-Travel eBooks Included With Your Recommendation

Once you have made your safari company and guide choice, there are some pre-travel questions you need to answer before leaving for Africa...
  • What to pack for your safari.
  • Choosing the right binoculars.
  • The best safari photography equipment and advice.
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Advantages Of Using This Recommendation Service

number 1

Saves You Time

We do all the legwork to determine the finest guides and companies so you don't have to.

Cuts down on your safari planning time considerably.

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Make The Right Choice

This is a once in a lifetime trip so you need to make sure to get your guide and company decision spot on.

Let us help you with our many years of experience and extensive operator and guide vetting. We live in Africa, so we know it best.

number 3

Peace Of Mind

Sleep soundly knowing that this is the best safari company and guide you can get for your unique situation, and they won't let you down.

No last minute booking remorse here.

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No Charge, No Obligation

Ask us for a recommendation at no risk to you because it's free, and there is no obligation at all on your part.

If you do decide to book with the recommended company and guide, you would pay exactly the same as if you found and booked with them directly on your own, no mark-up is applied.

Why A Guide Recommendation Is So Important

The Safari Guide Can Make or Break Your Safari

They are the linchpin of your trip because you spend so much of your time on an African safari in their company, and if they are not up to the task, the whole experience is in jeopardy.

A great majority of complaints by safari travellers on Africa travel review websites revolve around the guide in some way.

If these travellers had a recommendation and got to know their guide before going on safari, these problems could have been avoided.

So when planning your Africa adventure, make sure you get this critical decision correct from the start, secure in the knowledge that you will have an exceptional guide on your safari.

A Top Safari Guides recommendation helps you to do this very successfully...

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The Safari Company Is Pivotal Too

The Company And Guide Need To Work Effectively In Tandem

The field guide can't provide a successful safari trip for you on their own, they don't work in a vacuum. They need efficient logistical and infrastructure support and backup from their safari company.

What happens in the background while you are out in the field is also very important to your trips success. The safari companies that get these synergies right are the ones that offer the best safaris at the end of the day.

And those are the ones we recommend for your trip...

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We Only Recommend The Best Safari Guides And Companies

We search for and unearth the very best guides in Africa by making sure they have the relevant qualifications and experience and also pass the Top Safari Guides eligibility criterion with flying colors.

And because the field guide is so influential to a successful safari, by finding the top guides you automatically discover the best companies and operators too.

We apply exacting standards when deciding who makes it onto the recommendation list, no shortcuts allowed.

Listing Standards

The result is a collection of field guides and companies of the highest quality, the cream of the crop in the safari industry.

And here is a collection of some of the amazing things these exceptional guides have seen during their careers...

Best Wildlife Sightings

The List Of Recommended Safari Guides In...